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Mr. NadhaKumar P

Faculty Advisor, Amrita Racing

Being Faculty Advisor for Team Amrita Racing from 2016, My Journey with Amrita Racing is a Unique Experience.

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Our Team

Who Makes Us So Great

Get to know our talented Amrita Racing team, and come to the next game to cheer them on! We are made up of a group of talented, feisty and winning players who try their very best to get us to the finals. Make sure you don’t miss our next game by checking out our calendar. If you’re interested in trying out and think you could be a part of our team of all-stars, check out our schedule and sign up.

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Pavilan P

Team Captain

Whatever the other team throws at us, Pavilan is always there keeping things on track. With impeccable skills, we know that there couldn’t be a better Captain with us.

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Abhay Sabarinath

Vice-Captain & Marketing Head

With an mind for strategy, Abhay makes every play an exciting one. There is no wonder that Abhay Sabarinath was chosen as the team’s

Vice-Captain, and we couldn’t be any prouder.


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