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Formula Bharat
Formula Student

Formula Student is an engineering competition that challenges university students to design, build, and race single-seater formula-style race cars. It provides an opportunity for students to apply their theoretical knowledge to a practical project, developing their skills in various aspects of automotive engineering, including design, manufacturing, aerodynamics, suspension, and powertrain.
Teams typically consist of students from disciplines such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, and business. Each team is responsible for the complete design and construction of their race car, adhering to specific rules and regulations defined by the competition organizers. The cars are then put through a series of dynamic and static events, including acceleration, skid pad, autocross, endurance, and business presentation.

SAE Supra

SAEINDIA, the official strategic alliance partner of SAE International with 50000+ members are at the forefront in bringing several events modelled on International student competitions.
The Supra event, inspired by the Formula SAE known worldwide, is a National Level Engineering Student Competition where Teams from Engineering Colleges pan India participate. The students not only design the race car, but also build them as per the exact design, safety and performance standards accepted for similar competition. This is a great platform for aspiring Entrepreneurs, Technocrats, Innovators and Leaders in bringing out the real talent for the Indian Automotive Industry.
Specifications of the Vehicle Design and Engine are standardized, so that knowledge, creativity and imagination of students are fully challenged. The cars compete on all the aspects of design, build quality and performance on the race track. During the Main Event, Teams go through Several levels of Testing such as:

  • Technical inspection (Safety scrutiny, Tilt Test, Noise Test and Brake Test)

  • Static (Cost, Marketing, Design Presentations)

  • Dynamic (Acceleration, Skid Pad, Autocross)

  • Endurance run

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